Melissa Sarat Paintings Louisiana, Frogs, Food, Fire, Demons, Spirits, Sacred Birds, birds, Art Basel, large scale paintings, art basel paintings, art basel nudes, art basel figures, art basel fish, art basel birds, art basel demons, New Orleans, south
Melissa Sarat Large Scale Allegorical Paintings New Orleans Table Louisiana, cajun art, louisiana art, louisiana paintings, frog paintings, birds, fish, frogs, art basel, cakes, fruit, food, candy, nudes, masks, mardi gras, icons, voo doo, tattoos, fish
"Melissa Sarat paints the life force in the heart-breaking world of
animal and vegetal forms; her works actually breathe, they have a pulse!"
Andrei Codrescu

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Melissa Sarat Allegorical Paintings, highly colored, demons, fish, birds, frogs, fruit, cakes, flowers, Central New York, Louisiana