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Eat Better Meat

Premium online heritage breeds butcher

Locally sourced, ethical and sustainable business with supply chain traceability focus

Eat Better Meat

Farmison has established itself as a leading player in the growing online premium meat & butchery market. Established in 2011 in England’s beautiful Yorkshire Dales, Farmison is on a mission to encourage the UK to ‘eat better meat’. Buying direct from hand-picked sustainable, British farms, Farmison’s exclusive supply chain takes amazing British artisanal produce on a journey from the farmers’ fields to the home cooks’ kitchen. Animal husbandry, food and supply chain traceability, seasonal eating and minimising food carbon miles are at the heart of what Farmison stands for.  In an increasingly flexitarian world, when you eat meat, Eat Better Meat

Farmison focus on quality cuts and heritage breeds. It has an ethical and sustainable approach to meat production.

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